English Conversation Between Shopkeeper and Customer

If your willing to have good products you need to get directly talk the manager and ask about the discounts and products which your willing to buy. Below is the small example of how usually everyone talk with shopkeeper.

Image of English Conversation Between Shopkeeper and Customer

Shopkeeper: Hello Mam,
Customer: Hi..We have shifted new to this area. Is how delivery option available here.
Sk: Yes Mam, here u can get all over the items. Please give us a call to our contact number,Within a time we will deliver all the ordered items.
C: Yeah its good option, Any discount on more items if we purchase?
Sk: No mam, Actually we sell all items in wholesale rate. So, we can’t give you anymore discounts on purchased products.
C: Okay. I’m searching for Green gram all over the racks but didn’t find. Can you please help me?
Sk: Yes mam, Come along with me i will show the pulses rack. Here u can find all types of no one quality pulses.
C: Yeah i got it thank you
Sk: Please check once and let me know if anything else u want.
C: Ok Tq will check and tell you if anything needed.
C: Can you please make a bill for all items.
Sk: Yes mam, Please make a call and tell your address if anything needed mam, So we can delivered all the items at your home.
C: Sure TQ.

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