How to Divert Kids While Crying Over Everything

Here mentioned are few tips of how to divert kids while crying


1. Kids mostly cry when you started to sleep them. At that point you need to divert them buy saying stories and make fall in a sleep.
2. Fighting for toys with elders. As they are too small to make them realize to not fight its better option to advise elders to get back of it.
3. Keeping dirty things in mouth and while we correct it they start crying. Try to give sufficient food in time so they don’t feel to put anything in mouth.
4. If they particularly stand for one thing, Mainly we should re-direct them by playing games or music or by telling any stories.
5. If they are repeatedly fighting with elders or younger one’s, You should tell them what is good and bad behavior. Also divert them for playing games or any other activities like any work which takes time and feel good.
6. Try to make them happy by saying good things about there naughtiness while playing with dad or closer person.
7.  When they cry for junk or outside food which is not good for there health, Then try to prepare any kind of there favorite food. So, they wont feel bad about it.
8. We should tell them what is correct and what is wrong while crying. If one thing they stick in mind it wont goes away from there mind.
9. While they starts crying don’t make them cry more by beating or scolding make them understand the situation and change the mood with smiling face .
10.Don’t compare the goodness of other kids before them and make them feel low. Be friendly and try to give complete support and love towards them. Keeping smile on face is good for health.

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