How to Look Attractive to Guys

Here are the few tips for looking attractive to guys and I think girls always be the best because they have a beautiful heart with attractive smile.
Image of How to Look Attractive to Guys
1.Firstly concentrate on your dress style and don’t go for heavy makeup just be simple and cool looking.
2.Wear shoes or sandals which is comfortable to walk, don’t try mess with high heels if your doubtful in walking.
3.Make your hair dressing simple and perfect. While in open places the hair will get messy, So according to the place you were going plan it.
4.Eyes plays main role while in the contact with people, with that contact so many feelings can be expressed so be confident on your looks.
5.Keep your hands and nails neat and clean. And try to paint your nails with match color with clothes.
6.Try to attract them with your voice and words which gives good impression at you.
7.Don’t be childish and lazy while you introduce yourself.
8.Attracting people mainly depends on their regular life style. So, mainly try to concentrate on there likes and dislikes.
9.Dont speak louder just be sweet and cute with lower voice while talking with them.
10.We need to make them feel as friends not as strangers.

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