How to Talk in English with Friends

We do gossips with our friends mostly. Here i mentioned few statements at mostly used.

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1. Shall we go for shopping today ? So, we can buy some clothes for our Annual party in college. We need to dress yourself very pretty so everyone looks at us only.
2. What’s wrong with you, Tell me the problem and I will suggest you which will be good.
3. Today no one at my home. So, come lets do some party at home. From so many days we all are not together and celebrated.
4. Shall we start preparation for exams almost for one week only we have time. First 4 days we can prepare all the chapters next 3 days we can revise each and everything. At the last moment we get tensed and exams goes wrong. So, this is the best time to start revision.
5. I don’t have balance in my mobile, Can you please give once will call at home and my brother will do recharge. Now your leaving home but for me it gets late i have extra class so i need to recharge my mobile.

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