Romantic Conversation Between Husband and Wife About Dinner

Below mentioned are few lines about Romantic Conversation Between Husband and Wife About Dinner

Wife: Hi my love,
Hus : Hello Baby, What are you doing?
Wife: Feeling bore at home baby and last week our outing plan got flop so shall we go for dinner tonight?
Hus: I’m not sure today work will complete early or not. We can go on weekend night, So we can spend overnight and came back home early morning. What do u say?
Wife: No, I’m feeling to go out and spend sometime with you today itself baby. At weekend we can go and enjoy at some other place.
Hus: Okay if you not giving me option, How can i say no 🙂
Wife: Your my most loving baby.
Hus: I cant make my loving wife sad. So, will manage with my work only.
Wife: Thank You baby,  Tell me the time and place were we can meet.
Hus: You just get ready around 7:00 Pm. I will be at home around that time and will pickup.
Wife: Okay baby. I will be ready sure.
Hus: Like every time don’t make late and get ready fast.
Wife: Baby i think you forgot one thing Because you only i will be late. You disturb me like baby where is perfume? where is my wallet etc and now blaming on me.
Hus: Again started the same thing. Okay I’m having work text you later. So be ready at time.
Wife: Yeah baby. Also you come home in time. Waiting for you bye Take care.
Hub: Okay baby. Bye Take care.

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